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Shanaquaa Smithers
17 June
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Date Created:2003-11-25
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Miquela Sierra is a crazy senior at SOTA. She'll be eighteen on June 17, 2006 and hopes to graduate 4 days before that. She loves her friends and her favorite holiday is 420 fasho.
Strengths: Generally cheerful, good listener most of the time ;)
Weaknesses: Stooooner (oops), 2many2mention...
Special Skills: singing, musical theater, some pinano/geetar.
Weapons: Sharp nails (hehe) and i've heard I can slap pretty well.
Some Things I Like...: courtney, penguins, zoe, roses, lambys, carla, pesto, peaches, katrina, trees, musicals, music, julie, insanity, drugs, paulina, singing

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"Wrong Hole!!! Baaaaaaah" ~Me and Chris (Cabagay)
"I Like...Fish" ~Sam
"I have it warm in the winters!" ~Morgan
"I can't fucking keys...like...keys...yeah." ~Sam
"Give me ladies pants!" ~Sid Sorokin (PJG)
"Someone's awkward my lord" ~Morgan, Sam and Me
"Your confusion made me have puppies." ~Julie
"What IS unicourse?" ~Clare, during Psychiatrist
"I love you...no, really, i do. And your boobs are big." ~Marcelo
"I love Kari Fox the most" ~Kari Fox
"I'm a rat!" ~Clare
"Miquela, grey skies are gonna clear up. so... you know, sit on a happy face or something like that." ~Julie
"What's lamaze, some jewish thing?" ~Nikki
"I have cheese in my crotch!!!" ~Momo
"you know you need ass when you stick your hand down pants while you're talking to ms. coghlan." ~Julie
"TAKE THE MEAT!!!" ~Kari
"I'm black and I like quiche" ~Clare
"I have to go to buffalo exchange and wrap pants around my neck" ~Morgan
"I bit Sam's nipple!" ~Clare
"I only lie to my mom...and my friends...and you." ~Morgan
"Don't worry...I'm not really a unicorn. ~Julie

Miquela: I CAN count ya know.
Carla: Yeah, I can't either.

Michelle: I like Ron.
Miquela: I'm so harry!

Squeala17: *says something inspiring*
Momolacey: o wow, lowell
Momolacey: omg i mean lol

Squeala17: and she was trying to say I wanna pinch your butt
hortonhearsasam: oh i thought it was nibble at your penis

Sam: Your lemons are like grapefruits. Sweet, but sour.
Miquela: what does THAT mean?
Sam: It means I'm gay but I like your boobs.

And the ultimate rule in life...
"The way of truth and love has always won!" ~Mahatma Gandhi
AKA G to the A to the N to the D-H-I!

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JUNE 17:
Born today, you are dynamic, charismatic and unconventional in your approach to life. Like all others born under your sign, you are driven by something that seems to bubble continually just beneath the surface -- a kind of rare fuel which allows you to try harder for longer, and with greater enthusiasm than most other individuals. There are those who say you're easily obsessed, and the truth is that it is impossible for you to tear yourself away from something once it has attracted your singular attention. To say you have a one-track mind is putting it lightly, indeed. You are, in many ways, a singular individual.
You know how to combine wild and even impossible ideas with good-old-fashioned hard work, and for this reason you're likely to win success in areas that have proved impossible for most other individuals. Still, this is just one more indication that you are, in so many ways, unique.

HAPPY ALMOST SUMMER!!!!!!!!!(and my 18th birthday!!)

THE ICON: Kelli in Piazza...got it here: http://community.livejournal.com/beautyis_icons/536.html#cutid1
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